Retinal Detachment

Retinal Detachment

What is Retinal Detachment?

Retinal detachment is a condition where the retina separates from the supporting structure of the back of the eye. Most commonly, retinal detachment is caused by having one or more small holes in the retina, allowing fluid in the eye to pass through the hole. The small holes are normally a result of trauma or degenerations of the retina. With a small hole or opening in the retina, the fluid in the eye can pass through the hole— which leads to the retina separating from the back of the eye.

What is the treatment?

If the retina is detached, it must be reattached before sealing the retinal tear. There are three ways to repair retinal detachment:

Pneumatic retinopexy
This involves injecting a special gas bubble into the eye that pushes on the retina to seal the tear. This procedure is typically performed in our office.

Scleral buckle procedure
The procedure involves placing the scleral buckle (similar to a flexible band of silicon) around the eye which counteracts the pulling of the retina. Our ophthalmologist first must drain the fluid from under the retina before sewing the buckle on the outer eye wall to give support to the tear while it heals. Scleral buckle procedure is done in an operating room.

Vitrectomy surgery
The most common retinal detachment repair is vitrectomy surgery, which is performed in an operating room. It involves removing the vitreous gel (which is the fluid pulling on the retina) from the eye and replacing it with a gas bubble, which is slowly replaced by the body’s fluids. Laser treatment or cryotherapy (freezing) treatment is applied at the time of surgery to treat the areas of torn retina.

Based on your condition, our ophthalmologist will determine what procedure is best for you, along with the various risks and benefits of your treatment options. For information and consultation regarding treatment for Retinal Detachment, contact our main office at (405) 607-6699.

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