Patient Information

Patient Information

We encourage our patients to read carefully and take advantage of the information provided in this section prior coming to your first office visit. We meticulously collected everything we could think of to make your visit easier. Links shown above will take you to further information regarding that topic.

Since we are a referral office, we typically see patients referred by their eye doctor (M.D. - Ophthalmologists or O.D. - Optometrists) or primary care physician for retinal consultation. In some instances, we do see self-referrals. If you are patient with a known retinal condition and are transferring to the area, seeking a second opinion, or wish to transfer care to one of our convenient locations, please use the form to the right to contact us describing how we may assist you. Alternatively, you may call our office at (405) 607-6699 extension 1. If you are transferring care, please have a records release form signed and records transferred prior to your RVC physician exam visit. Please click on our Clinic Locations page for more information on the office that is nearest to you.

What to expect at your first visit:

Check-In at the Reception:
Please check-in at the reception area. If you are a new patient and if you haven't already downloaded paperworks/forms from our website, please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior your appointment to register and fill out the paperwork. Or, please visit our Patient Forms page to download all the forms such as New Patient Form, Medical Records Form and Medical Records Release Form. This will help you to prepare beforehand coming to the clinic and save your time there.
Medical records:
In order to provide the best evaluation possible, it is often necessary to review old medical records, previous photographs, and fluorescein angiograms. Please bring them with you along with any records of previous surgeries or other eye exams. If you require a second opinion, please bring with you any previous examination reports.
The examination that you receive at our clinic is a highly specialized ophthalmologic examination and can take 1-2 hours. Patients who are new to the clinic should expect to spend 1-3 hours depending upon testing and treatment required.
All new patients will have both their pupils dilated. This is a necessity for a thorough ophthalmologic evaluation. Dilation can take about 30 to 45 minutes. If you are concerned about driving with your eyes dilated, please plan to bring someone who can drive you home if your vision is blurry. Vision may be blurred for a few hours after the examination and your pupils may remain dilated for up to 24 hours.
Co-payments will be due at the time of the services rendered to you at the clinic. Patients without third party insurance are responsible for payment in full at the time services are rendered. Therefore, it is advisable to check at the office by calling them about your insurance coverage before coming to the clinic.
We accept most major PPO insurance plans. For the complete list of insurances we accept, please refer to our Payment Options page.

Our COVID-19 advisory

We have always prioritized safety of our patients. Masks are still required at clinic visits for all given the high risk population we serve and the nature of our medical practice. We appreciate your understanding.