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April 10, 2017
Testimonial 4
April 10, 2017

It is both an honor and of great comfort to be under the care of Dr. Sandeep Shah and his staff. Having been under the care of another retina specialist in Oklahoma City, I can only say how thankful I am to now be Dr. Shah’s patient. Extremely solicitous, kind, thorough, and attentive to me as a patient, Dr. Shah and his staff ensure that I understand all aspects of the condition for which I am seeking treatment, provide exemplary, professional, and extremely sanitary (not always a given in my experience) service, and then take the time to set me at ease. Most highly recommended!

Our COVID-19 advisory

We have always prioritized the safety of our patients, and in these uncertain times, this is no different. That’s why we are practicing and enforcing best practices for social distancing and self-isolation in the midst of COVID-19.